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How to Get Free Loot in Apex Legends Mobile

Respawn Entertainment, screenshot by DBLTAP

Season 3 of Apex Legends Mobile is on its way, and several new events are marking the occasion. The Aftershow update, which launched Oct. 5, allows players to participate in a handful of events in preparation for the new season. These events include the potential to play as the mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, for free, a battle pass boost, a seven-day login event which grants free loot, and more.

How to Get Free Loot in Apex Legends Mobile

To get free loot, you'll need to participate in the 7-day login streak. Simply log into the game for seven consecutive days and you'll earn a different prize each day. Here are the rewards for each day:

Day 1: 5 Pack Pieces
Day 2: Night City Rhapsody Holo Spray
Day 3: 7 Pack Pieces
Day 4: Drillbit Alternator Weapon Skin
Day 5: 500 Flux
Day 6: 2 Syndicate Packs
Day 7: Avalanche Couture Loba Legend Skin

The Night City Rhapsody Holo Spray, Drillbit Alternator Weapon Skin, and the Avalanche Couture Loba Legend Skin are all mobile-exclusive epic-tier skins, and they're completely free to get once completing the respective login day.

While details of the features of Season 3 have yet to be released, Season 2 saw an immense amount of improvements, maps, and items, so hopefully Season 3 will see the same.