How to Get Free Double XP and Rare Camos in MW3

Here's how to get free XP and rewards in MW3.
Here's how to get free XP and rewards in MW3. / Activision

Players can now get free XP and rare camos in MW3 without even playing the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 might have dropped with 16 remastered maps, new Mastery Camos, and Zombies mode, but the title came without the MW3 Battle Pass. As a result, there are not many opportunities for free rewards and XP Tokens past launch weekend. Fortunately, there is a new promo code that offers everything from 2XP to limited-time cosmetics for those looking to score big in Modern Warfare 3.

Here's the easy and free way to obtain 2XP, rare camos, and more items in MW3.

How to Get Free XP and Rare Camos in MW3

To get free XP and rare camos in MW3, players can redeem an exclusive promo code on the Call of Duty website up to two times. The code is: 559Q-RXGN4-JZPP.

Those who redeem the code will receive the following rewards:

  • Four hours of 2XP
  • Four hours of Double Weapon XP
  • Lightning Rod Weapon Blueprint
  • Grab the Popcorn Calling Card
  • WSOW War Track
  • Double Digits Emblem
  • You Dropped This Camo

The You Dropped This Camo was originally a Twitch drop offered to CDL viewers back in June, and now, those who missed out can get the gold and black camo in MW3.

The biggest benefit of the code, though, is the Double XP. Leveling up goes twice as fast with 2XP, and if you happen to have no more tokens left, then this code is the perfect solution. Plus, if you redeem it twice on your account, you get a total 8 hours of 2XP.

How to Level Up Fast in MW3

Along with 2XP, the best way to level up fast in MW3 is to complete daily challenges. Each challenge rewards free XP, and if you grind all the available tasks per day, you will rack up the necessary XP to level up as quickly as possible.

You can also spawn into Ground War; you will level up a lot easier killing the bots and capturing the objectives in Ground War than dealing with the SBMM in Hardpoint or Domination.