How to Get Galarian Weezing in Pokémon GO

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

Galarian Weezing was one of the first Pokémon from the Galar region to make a splash in Pokémon GO, and finding one isn't too difficult. Galarian Weezing was added into the game in late 2019 during promotion for the release of Sword and Shield.

As such, this Weezing takes on a new form as a variant that can only be found in the Galar region, and takes on the themed appearance of the area.

How to Get Galarian Weezing in Pokémon Go

The Galarian Weezing is relatively simple to obtain when they are in the rotation of three-star raids. Players can opt to solo the raids as they are not as difficult as legendary raids, however teaming up might be in their best interest when taking on the Weezing.

If attempting the raid solo, players might considering bringing Pokémon to counter the Galarian Weezing. Here are a few that do the job well:

• Jirachi
• Metagross
• Espeon
• Rhyperior
• Mewtwo

With a little planning and the Galarian Weezing in the three-star raid rotation, players can ensure they snag one before it disappears again.