How to Get Gallade in Pokémon GO

How to evolve Gallade in Pokémon GO.
How to evolve Gallade in Pokémon GO. / Photo by Niantic and GAMEFREAK

How to get Gallade in Pokémon GO might be difficult if you don't know the trick. Here's how to get yourself a Gallade in Pokémon GO.

How to Get Gallade in Pokémon GO

Gallade is one of the final form of Ralts, and can only be evolved from a male Kirlia. It's counterpart, Gardevoir, can be male or female. What sets Gallade apart from Gardevoir is that Gallade needs Sinnoh Stone to evolve in Pokémon GO.

Sinnoh Stones are sometimes given out as rewards for Research, or can be dropped by Rocket Leaders. In addition to the Sinnoh Stone, you'll need 100 Candy to evolve Kirlia.

You also can't evolve Pokémon wearing cosmetics, such as the new top hat Kirlia. Gallade can't even wear a hat anyway due to the big fin on its head. It would just look silly.

Gallade is a fair contender in battle. It has a relatively unique Psychic and Fighting typing, and has good coverage in its moveset with Leaf Blade. Combined with decent stats, Gallade puts up a good fight in any of the Leagues. It works best in the Great League, as its Charm attack works better against the lower CP Dragons that hang out there.