How to Get Ghostface in Warzone

Courtesy of Activision
Courtesy of Activision /

As Halloween comes around, Call of Duty: Warzone has found themselves getting in on the spooky fun. Players will soon be able to find themselves with access to an iconic horror movie mask to take with them on their adventures in Verdansk. Made famous in the move "Scream" the Ghostface mask can soon be acquired by any players in Warzone.

How to Get Ghostface in Warzone

In conjunction with the new "Scream" sequel coming to theaters soon, the Ghostface mask will soon be available in Warzone. As this item comes into the game, it will be available to players in the Warzone shop. This will arrive as a bundle, giving the player full access to a Ghostface operator skin.

When the bundle does go live, it will launch with a price of 2,400 COD Points. This skin bundle comes as the first in a line of new content coming to Warzone as Halloween gets closer. Going live on Oct. 18 will be The Haunting, a limited time event based around the Halloween holiday, bringing new seasonal skins and other cosmetics to the game.

There will also be map changes coming as well, and most likely more content coming when the newest content comes to Warzone over the next few weeks.