How to Get Gold Medals in Warzone Games of Summer Trials

Here are some tips to earn gold medals in the five Warzone Games of Summer challenges.
Here are some tips to earn gold medals in the five Warzone Games of Summer challenges. / Photo by Infinity Ward/Activision

Warzone's Games of Summer event is in full swing, and all five trials are available to play. Players can earn medals in all five ranging from bronze to gold. Each medal unlocks a different item. Here's how to earn a gold medal in each challenge.

How to Get a Gold Medal in Risky Parkour

Risky Parkour puts Modern Warfare players on a parkour course and sends them racing from start to finish. To set yourself up for a gold medal time of under 40 seconds, you'll need to map out the course before you commit. Once you've nailed what you think is the perfect route, practice that same route over and over. Make sure you slide whenever your tactical sprint is about to run out to keep your momentum up.

How to Get a Gold Medal in Gun Course

Gun Course sends players through a training course with pop-up targets to shoot. Players have to blast every enemy pop-up target while avoiding non-combatant targets. The biggest time sink here is having to reload your gun, so it's crucial to use as few bullets per target as possible. It can also be helpful to look for opportunities to pick up collateral kills. Mapping out your path in a manner similar to Risky Parkour can make both priorities easier to achieve.

How to Get a Gold Medal in Marksman Challenge

As in Gun Course, careful reload timings and collateral kills make a huge difference in the Marksman Challenge. Look for those opportunities and plan them out, then take the downtime between rounds to reload.

How to Get a Gold Medal in Price's Alley

In Price's Alley you'll have to blast as many targets as you can without missing using only a Renetti handgun. While it's important to move quickly, it's even more important not to lose yourself in the rush. Yet again, you'll be well served mapping out where you'll need to place your cursor for each target. Combos are the name of the game.

How to Get a Gold Medal in Shooting Range

Shooting Range is similar to Gun Course, tasking players with gunning down 40 targets spread across the map. Learn the map layout and plan your route. Aim for collateral kills. Waste as little ammunition as possible. Move quickly.