How to Get Green Mums in ACNH

Photo by Nintendo

Getting hybrid flowers takes a lot of work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Especially if you're looking for flowers that require multiple different breeding sessions.

The Green Mum in ACNH is an elusive flower that takes three steps to create.

How to Get Green Mums in ACNH

Flowers in Animal Crossing have their own DNA coded within the game, meaning there's a lot of chances to get the incorrect flower when breeding.

Mums native to the player's island will have random crosspollination DNA and, if players want a fresh start, the flowers have to be bought from Leif or Nook's Cranny.

1. Get two White Mums

Some islands will automatically start out with White Mums but, if it doesn't, then players can use Nook Miles tickets to go to random islands and collect the needed flowers.

2. Crosspollinate the two White Mums to create two Purple Mums

Once you have the White Mums, you must place them diagonally from each other and water them daily. For extra luck, players with Nintendo Switch Online can have friends visit and water their flowers.

3. Cross Pollinate two Purple Mums to create Green Mums

If you've gotten the Purple Mums, players then have to place them diagonally from each other, much like the previous step, and water them daily for a chance to get Green Mums.