How to Get Green Scales Highland Drake in Dragonflight

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Looking to get hold of the Highland Drake: Green Scales item in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight? We've got you covered.

With the release of World of Warcraft's latest expansion, Dragonflight, players new and old have plenty of content and features to get to grips with. This expansion sees the addition of a new Race/Class combination — Dracthyr Evoker. Also added to the expansion is the brand new Dragonriding skill, used only with the new, customizable Drakes.

Part of the draw for these new Drakes is the ability to change their appearance, allowing players to sync up their aesthetics in a brand-new way. While a number of customization options will be available from the get-go, more can be obtained throughout your adventures in the Dragon Isles.

How to Get Highland Drake: Green Scales in Dragonflight

Unlike traditional mounts, Dragonriding drakes can be customized. The primary source of all customization options is Drakewatcher Manuscripts, which will come from doing different activities like dungeons, quests, and leveling up Renown. As hinted at by its name, the Highland Drake: Green Scales Drakewatcher Manuscript allows players to change the Skin Color of their Highland Drakes to Green Scales.

To get the Highland Drake: Green Scales Drakewatcher Manuscript, players will need to improve their Maruuk Centaur Renown to level 19.

Players can improve their reputation with the Maruuk Centaur during their time on the Dragon Isles. They're the second Renown faction players will encounter in Dragonflight. Naturally, they can be found primarily at their home base, in Maruukai in the Ohn'ahran Plains.

Several tasks around the Dragon Isles can be completed to farm Maruuk Centaur Renown, including completing Maruuk Centaur World Quests as they spawn, killing rare and powerful mobs, finding and turning in Centaur Hunting Trophies, and more.

Unfortunately, the Maruuk Centaur is the slowest reputation to grind, as there are no community events, few world quests, you can only gain rewards from Grand Hunts three times per week, and rares can be hard to encounter for Centaur Hunting Trophies.

At Renown level 19, players will be able to purchase Drakewatcher Manuscripts III in Maruukai, which will unlock green scale dragonriding mount customizations for your Drakes. These include:

  • Renewed Proto-Drake: Green Scales
  • Highland Drake: Green Scales
  • Cliffside Wylderdrake: Green Scales

Once you've earned a Highland Drake: Green Scales Drakewatcher Manuscript, simply use the item to learn the pattern, then head to a Rostrum of Transformation to apply the look.