How to Get Hakamo-o in Pokemon GO

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Trainers are trying to catch Hakamo-o in Pokemon GO.

There have been many Pokemon that are featured in the Alola region in Pokemon GO. During the Season of Alola, multiple research tasks have been provided for trainers to explore the five islands around the region. You can receive rewards through these tasks, such as experience, Berries, Stardust, and other various items.

In the Alola region, you can find Hakamo-o, a Dragon and Fighting type Pokemon. Its base form is Jangmo-o, one of the featured Pokemon that has been released during the Season of Alola. By using candies, you can further evolve this Pokemon into Kommo-o. Hakamo-o's Pokedex number is #783.

Here's how to find and catch Hakamo-o in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Hakamo-o in Pokemon GO

As of the time this article was written, Hakamo-o has not been reported to be included in any egg. Therefore, you can't get Hakamo-o through egg hatching. Because of this, you can mainly catch it in the wild. This Pokemon is typically found in Cloudy and Windy weather throughout the Alola region.

You can also evolve your Jangmo-o to get Hakamo-o by acquiring candy. Make sure to walk with your Jangmo-o, and you will start to receive this Pokemon's candy. You'll receive one candy for every five kilometers. You can evolve Jangmo-o into Hakamo-o by using 25 candies, and you can evolve Hakamo-o into its final evolution, Kommo-o, by using 100 candies.

Hakamo-o may not be hatched from any of your eggs, but you can find it in the wild or evolve your Jangmo-o to get the Pokemon you desire.