How to Get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Looking for Harmony Shards in Lost Ark? Here's what you need to know.

Lost Ark has very quickly taken western audiences by storm. Having climbed the Steam charts and earned the second highest all-time concurrent playercount, it's safe to say that you'll be hearing about Lost Ark for some time yet.

For those getting stuck into what the MMO has to offer, you might be in the midst of searching for specific items or resources. Harmony Shards are exactly that - a high value end-game resource that increases the item level of your gear. To get the most out of your character and ensure you're as well-equipped as you can be, getting hold of as many Harmony Shards as possible is imperative.

So, how exactly do you get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark?

How to Get Harmony Shards in Lost Ark

Once you've completed the main quest, there's still more to do as it opens up the ability to use Harmony Shards. They drop in specific amounts, sometimes hundreds, other times thousands, all within pouches. Once you find a pouch, open it up in your inventory to see how many Harmony Shards it contains.

In order to find them, and plenty of them, you'll likely need to do a bit of grinding. One of the best ways to earn Harmony Shards is by running dungeons. Specifically, chaos dungeons will reward you with the pouches, but you'll need to reach level 50 and have an equipped item level of 250.

The Tower is also a great way to earn Harmony Shards. Again, this is an end-game activity, so you'll want to have reached the level cap to attempt this. The Tower will see you climb through 50 levels, defeating enemies which increase in difficulty but drop better value loot. You'll need an item equip level of 302 to run the first Tower, and 802 to run the second.