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How to Get Highland Lotus in V Rising

Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

Although still in Early Access, V Rising has been an immediate hit with gamers everywhere. It revolves around the rise of weakened vampire back to their most powerful self. To do so, the resource Highland Lotus will be critical for you to obtain to complete the endgame. Here's everything you need to know about obtaining Highland Lotus in V Rising.

How to Get Highland Lotus in V Rising

There are two separate ways to obtain Highland Lotus in V Rising. The first and easier method is to simply find it growing in the wild and to harvest it there. Highland Lotus can be specifically found as a yellow plant in the game's Silverlight Hills region. When searching, look along a tree line for the previously mentioned yellow plant and harvest it.

The second way to obtain Highland Lotus is to trade with Ottar the Merchant for Highland Lotus seeds, and to grow it inside your castle. Although this may seem even easier in theory, simply offering 200 silver coins in exchange for the seeds, there are a couple things that make this way a bit more complicated in practice. First, Ottar will not trade with you in your typical Vampire form. You will have to appear to him using the Human Form power obtained from killing Blood Boss Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice is a level 38 boss and can be found in the Dunley Farmlands. Secondly, many players tend to throw away their silver coins due to the poisoning debuff they give you, despite their necessity for trading.

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