How to get Hitmontop in Pokemon GO? The process is fairly similar to the process in Pokemon Gold and Silver. To evolve Tyrogue to any of the three evolutions, certain criteria must be met.

And Hitmontop's was the latest one to be added.

How to Get Hitmontop in Pokemon GO

To get a Hitmontop, your Tyrogue needs its HP stat to be the highest during the appraisal. Unlike other Pokemon games, you can not power up the stats or IVs of Pokemon. It's completely random and set when you catch the Pokemon. So if the HP is not the highest stat, you need to go catch another Tyrogue.

However, if the Tyrogue's appraisal chooses HP as the highest stat, when you evolve Tyrogue with 25 candies, you'll get a Hitmontop!

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs