How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon GO

How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon GO
How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon GO / Photo courtesy of Niantic

Hoopa in Pokemon GO might appear during the Pokemon GO Fest as a reward of a Special Research quest. This Mythical Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon has been a popular topic among Pokemon GO fans, but it's unclear if Hoopa will make its debut soon.

With players completing exciting activities and catching rare Pokemon during the Pokemon GO Fest, it's inevitable that some might wonder about unexpected encounters during the event.

Unfortunately, trainers are unable to catch Hoopa for now, but some fans suspect that this Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon will be released in the game soon.

Pokemon GO Fest's Strange Rings Special Research quest hints at a Legendary Pokemon that appears from several rings in the sky. Although this quest doesn't lead to a Hoopa encounter, its backstory has excited players for a possible Hoopa debut in the future.

How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon GO

Luckily, Pokemon GO fans can still fill their days with encountering other Legendary Pokemon during the Pokemon GO Fest.

Hoopa was initially introduced in Generation VI, and this Mythical Pokemon has become a fan favorite for its ability to control space and time. This Psychic- and Ghost-type Pokemon can even conjure Legendary Pokemon from its rings.

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