How to Get Icon Swaps FIFA 20

How to get Icon Swaps FIFA 20 is important for players wanting to upgrade their Ultimate Team squads with the best players in the game.

Icon Swaps is a new promotion introduced in FIFA 20 by EA Sports. The promotion, akin to FUT Swaps last year, lets players complete in-game challenges for special tokens. Said tokens are then submitted into special Squad Building Challenges for Icons. Icon Swaps 1, currently underway, lasts until December and there are some hot commodities.

But, how do you get the tokens?

How to Get Icon Swaps FIFA 20

There are currently 12 Icon Swap tokens available to earn in FIFA 20.

These tokens are available in the objectives tab in Ultimate Team. There are eight tokens to be earned via Rivals and FUT Champions based around first owner players in different major leagues. Another group of tokens are acquired via Squad Battles as well with minor leagues such as the CSL and MLS.

It's unknown how the second wave of 12 tokens will be acquired, but they'll be necessary for bigger Icons such as Didier Drogba, Steven Gerrard and more.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports