How to Get Icon Swaps FIFA 20: Tokens and Objectives

Icon Swaps 2 released the day after Christmas in FIFA 20
Icon Swaps 2 released the day after Christmas in FIFA 20 / Photo by EA Sports

Players who got FIFA 20 for the holidays are certainly wondering how to get Icon Swaps in FIFA 20.

Icon Swaps, for new players who haven't been keeping up, is a new promotion in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports removed Icon Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 20 introducing a token system instead.

EA Sports tied different versions of Icons to a token amount with players submitting the amount required to earn an untradeable player.

How to Get Icon Swaps FIFA 20

Icon Swaps, as previously mentioned, is predicated on the tokens. EA Sports dictates in the Objectives menu how to earn a token.

For example, Icon Swaps 2's first token wave has a challenge that requires players to win six Squad Battles games on minimum World Class difficulty with a spread of LIGA BBVA MX and MLS players.

As of writing, the first wave of Icon Swaps 2 tokens only includes six available objectives. It's unclear when EA Sports will release more tokens, but going off of Icon Swaps 1 more will come out when new seasons are released.

Icon Swaps 2 includes some big players like Ronaldinho and Patrick Vieira so get to grinding if you want them in your team.