How to Get into the Hedge Lab in Grounded

Obsidian Entertainment

One of Grounded's early quests has players finding a way into the Hedge Lab. Here's what you need to know.

Grounded sees four kids shrunken down to the size of an ant thanks to an experiment gone wrong. The player chooses to control one of the four protagonists (Max, Willow, Pete or Hoops) and must survive in the backyard, which becomes a hostile wilderness from such a tiny perspective. Manage hunger and thirst, gather resources, and build bases, all while trying to uncover the mystery of how you got there and how to return to normal size.

Nestled in the survival game is a narrative story complete with quests which players will need to complete in order to progress. The tasks involve finding a way into the labs scattered throughout the yard, with one of the first being the Hedge Lab.

How to Get into the Hedge Lab in Grounded

After meeting Burg.L, he'll plot the location of the Burg.L Chip on your map and instructs you to head to the Hedge Lab. Heading directly to the point only seems to lead you to a stone wall. Follow it round and you'll eventually spot a door which is locked from the outside. Looking around, you'll find yourself at the edge of the Hedge biome with the way to reach the lab not being immediately obvious.

Move towards the southeastern portion of the map and look for a trowel sticking out from the ground. From here head towards the hedgerow and look for a red cable, a green paper clip, and a small twig. This is where you'll start your ascent through the hedge. Follow the red cable and it'll lead you on a winding path until you spot a juice box. Here you'll spot a zipline which will move you to the next area.

The next section can be treacherous and you'll have a choice between a left and right path. Both paths have potential enemies, but you'll have a smaller chance of encountering them with the left path. Follow it along and you'll come to a section where you'll need to jump to access the next zipline, so it's best to have a dandelion tuft at hand to move safely. The right path has a small outpost and easier access to the zipline, but more enemies such as Spiderlings and Orb Weavers.

Use the second zipline towards a frisbee and move down onto the frisbee to reach the other side where you'll find a third zipline. Use this zipline to enter to a broken lab segment, which will have some spiders in, and continue out the other door, Head up the large branch to reach the last zipline segment which will get you into the Hedge Lab.