How to Get League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 Tokens

Star Guardian Akali Splash Art
Star Guardian Akali Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

Here's how to get Star Guardian 2022 Tokens in League of Legends.

To celebrate the release of a new set of Star Guardian skins, League of Legends is hosting a new Star Guardian event. In addition to a variety of new story and lore content and events players can participate in, players can also earn Star Guardian Tokens to spend on various rewards in the event shop.

Here's how to earn them, according to the League of Legends official Star Guardian update post.

How to Get League of Legends Star Guardian 2022 Tokens

Star Guardian Tokens can be earned easily by completing Star Guardian missions. There are about a dozen free missions available that players will likely be able to complete simply by playing the game. For players who want to earn more tokens, they can purchase the Star Guardian Pass and Pass Bundle, for 1,650 RP and 2,650 RP respectively. The pass comes with 4 Star Guardian Orbs, and unlocks the rest of the Star Guardian missions. The Bundle comes with both of those rewards, as well as the Star Guardian Ekko skin, icon, and border.

Players will be able to earn Tokens until Aug, 15, and they'll be able to spend their Tokens until August 22. Through the event shop, players will be able to buy the new skins and Chromas for Star Guardian Ekko, Kai'Sa, Sona, Nilah, and Fiddlesticks. On July 28, players will also have access to Star Guardian Syndra, Akali, Taliyah, Rell, Quinn, and Morgana, along with a bunch of other rewards like Emotes, Little Legend Eggs, Star Guardian Orbs, Blue Essence, and more.