How to Get Lezduit in High on Life

Squanch Games

One of High On Life's main gameplay mechanics involves several unique talking alien weapons. The last gun obtainable in the game, Lezduit, is one of the most powerful, but can only be used for a limited time. Here's how to get him.

Each weapon in High On Life has its own distinct personality and use--for example, Knifey will often try to convince the protagonist to stab NPCs. While Lezduit is inarguably the most useful weapon when facing tougher enemies at the end of the story, botched repairs have made him only able to say his name and nothing more.

How to Get Lezduit in High on Life

Lezduit will only be available after finishing the Nipulon bounty, which is the penultimate bounty in the game. Once you've arrived back at your home, speak to Gene to tell him that you are ready to take on the final bounty. After this dialogue, Lezduit will be on the couch. Simply interact with him to add him to your loadout.

Unlike other weapons in the game, Lezduit does not have any special abilities, and cannot be upgraded or modded. Unfortunately, once the final bounty is complete, he will no longer be in your inventory.