How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 21

Photo by EA Sports

How to get loyalty in FIFA 21, just like past Ultimate Team titles, is an important feature for both squad building and certain Squad Building Challenge puzzles.

Loyalty is a specific trait gained one of two ways in FIFA Ultimate Team. As previously mentioned, it helps with squad building and SBC puzzles because it grants an extra chemistry point. Buying players off the transfer market won't initially grant full chemistry.

Here's everything you need to know about loyalty in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

How to Get Loyalty in FIFA 21

Loyalty is automatically acquired if a player is pulled from a pack, completed through a SBC or objective.

If you buy a player off the transfer market, players must be used in 10 games to finally gain that extra loyalty point. This is most prevalent with the Puzzle Master segment in the League and Nation Hybrid SBC in Foundations. Players might use FUTBIN for solutions, but they indicate whether or not players need loyalty. The Puzzle Master requirements more than often mean than multiple players, if not all need loyalty.

Players might use the Squad Battles exploit to get loyalty. It's simply done by joining a Squad Battles game, starting it and toggling your internet connection on the specific platform. It won't give a loss on your record, but it will count as a Squad Battles game played. After doing it 10 times, you'll get loyalty.