How to Get Mega Energy in Pokémon GO

Photo courtesy of Niantic

Pokémon GO introduced Mega Evolutions to the game back in August of 2020, with not a whole lot of clarity on the new addition. For players who are wondering how they can Mega Evolve their Pokémon, here is how you can get Mega Energy — a necessary step on the path to Mega Evolution.

A few Pokémon in Pokémon GO have the ability to Mega Evolve for a duration of four hours. While the Pokémon is in its Mega Evolution form, it will be stronger in attack and defense stats, creating an important advantage in gym raids and battles.

Keep in mind that only one Pokémon can be Mega Evolved at a time. Mega Evolving another Pokémon while a Pokémon is still Mega Evolved will cause it to revert to its original form.

In order to Mega Evolve a Pokémon, each Pokémon requires Mega Energy. Each Pokémon has its own Mega Energy and will require you to obtain specific energy depending on which Pokémon you are trying to Mega Evolve.

How to Get Mega Energy in Pokémon GO

Here is how to get Mega Energy in Pokémon GO:

1. Defeat Mega Evolved Pokémon in Raid Battles

By defeating Mega Evolved Pokémon in raid battles, players can obtain Mega Energy of the Pokémon that has been defeated.

2. Complete Research Tasks

There are research tasks throughout the game for specific Pokémon that, upon completion, will reward players with Mega Energy.

3. Walk with Your Pokémon

By walking with a Pokémon that has been Mega Evolved before, players can obtain Mega Candy. Also, walking with a buddy in the same evolutionary line as a Pokémon that has been Mega Evolved can also grant Mega Candy. For example, if you have Mega Evolved Blastoise before, walking with Squirtle can give you Mega Candy, but doing so with Venosaur would not.