How to Get Meltan in Pokemon GO

How to get Meltan in Pokemon GO via quest or trading
How to get Meltan in Pokemon GO via quest or trading / Niantic Labs

How do you get Meltan in Pokemon GO? Meltan is one of the newest legendary Pokemon to hit the franchise--and the first of Generation 8 to be revealed.

Trainers first met Meltan as a silhouette on Pokemon GO that would occasionally appear on the location map. However, despite being able to see this Pokemon, trainers could not encounter and catch Meltan on the map. If caught, it would transform back into a Ditto. Niantic Labs would then go on to implement a quest surrounding Meltan where players could finally add this strange Pokemon last November.

Here's how to get Meltan in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Meltan in Pokemon GO

There are two ways to get Meltan in Pokemon GO: complete the research quest or get a friend to transfer to you from a Let's Go game.

At the very end of the Meltan research quest, "Let's Go Meltan," trainers will be gifted with a Meltan encounter with the opportunity to catch Meltan and add it to their collection. The quests involved beforehand mostly have to do with catching old and rare Pokemon, battling in raids, and evolving.

If you're finding the quest a little difficult to handle, you can always team up with a friend or purchase a Let's Go title on your own. All you need to do here is transfer one Pokemon from your Pokemon GO account to a Pokemon Let's Go game. After this, you'll find a Mystery Box in your Pokemon GO inventory which can be opened to release Meltan.

Meltan will be available in the overworld for 30 minutes after opening the box and can only be seen by the specific trainer that did the trade.