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How to Get More Coins in Wizards Unite

How to get more coins in Wizards Unite? Much like the rest of your favorite mobile games, Wizards Unite also uses in-game currency to acquire items, skip long waits, and avoid unnecessary hassle. Looks like we can't all have a full vault waiting for us upon our first few steps off the Hogwarts Express, though.

Can't seem to keep your coins in your palms? Here's a few ways to keep your pockets full:

How to Get More Coins in Wizards Unite

1. Sign-in Every Day

Signing in for your Daily Treasure.

Wizards Unite offers free rewards just for opening the app every day! These bonuses range from XP points to rare ingredients and, yes, even gold! These extra treasures will increase after each day you sign in.

2. Level-Up

Baruffio's Brain Elixir offers double the XP for 30 minutes.

Leveling-up is one of the best ways to earn big rewards in Wizards Unite. Most tasks that don't have monetary rewards will give you XP points, meaning that completing them is still a win-win scenario⁠—and it won't hurt you to buff those gains with a Buruffio's Brain Elixir from time to time.

3. Do Your Dailies

Daily Assignments will often have gold as rewards.

Every day you will be presented with the same daily quests⁠—do not neglect them! Most of them are simple actions and, while the rewards may not be so impressive, there's a nice boost when you find yourself particularly light in the pockets.

4. Achievements and Assignments

Takes a little grinding, but Achievements are worth it.

Achievements are for much more than just bragging rights and fancy titles. Upon completion, some will have tangible rewards like scrolls and coins. Your SOS Assignments operate the same way so it's worth your while to keep your eyes on them.

5. Purchase it from Gringotts

Buy Wizards Unite gold in exchange for real currency.

One of the quickest ways to get more gold is just to buy it! Tap the "store" market basket icon to visit Diagon Alley and find the Gringotts gold tab. Once there, you can acquire more coins just by shelling out a few bucks.

Photos courtesy of Niantic Labs and Jack O'Dwyer.