How to Get More Stars in Mario Kart Tour

How to get more stars in Mario Kart Tour can be difficult and a bit of a grind. Mario Kart Tour is all about upgrading racers, karts and gliders by using stars. Even to unlock new items or racers, you need stars, so it's an important currency.

Besides learning how to earn more stars, players need to wisely use them as well. Don't just go spending them all at once.

How to Get More Stars in Mario Kart Tour

To earn points for your driver, you can either own a racer ticket or simply do races until your character gains points. It's a cyclical system, you unlock tickets by doing courses and earning certain amounts of stars. Then use those tickets to earn more points and stars on the same course.

It's a tedious process, but that's how most upgrading systems work. Keep earning stars, and you'll be able to upgrade your items quicker. Spend a whole day running races and save up your points and keep using your tickets when you earn them.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo