How to Get More Storage in No Man's Sky

Image courtesy of Hello Games

Running out of space? You might be wondering how to get more storage in No Man's Sky.

As you undertake a big, epic space quest you'll no doubt pick up a few trinkets along the way. Trinkets, materials, cargo, and who knows what else. Regardless, at some point you'll run out of space. In order to make sure that nothing valuable has to be left behind, it's worth expanding your available storage where you can.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to go about this, so as long as you keep up with your inventory management you should be well prepared.

How to Get More Storage in No Man's Sky

First, it's worth outlining all of the available storage in No Man's Sky and their maximum inventory capacity:

  • Starship maximum inventory - 48 slots
  • Starship technology maximum inventory - 8 slots
  • Multi-tool maximum inventory - 24 slots
  • Exosuit maximum inventory - 48 slots
  • Exosuit cargo section maximum inventory - 48 slots
  • Exosuit technology section maximum inventory - 14 slots

Now, while this is a fair amount of storage, you won't have access to it right away. Some of these options require upgrades in order to reach their maximum potential. For example, the Exosuit begins with 24 slots.

The Exosuit can be upgraded in two ways. First, you can buy your upgrades. Beginning at 5,000 Units, the price to upgrade seems to double each time, meaning that you'll be racking up quite a hefty bill if you plan on simply purchasing all upgrades.

Alternatively, Exosuit upgrades can also be found. You'll need to find Drop Pods on the surfaces of planets, inside which should contain an Exosuit upgrade. However, you'll need to fix certain components on the Drop Pod in order to access it, and they'll usually require some pretty rare materials. While more time consuming, it's certainly cheaper in the long-run.

As for your Starship, there's currently no way to expand your inventory outside of simply buying a new Starship. Yep, you'll have to upgrade the old-fashioned way.

Sadly, the Multi-tool is mostly the same. In order to upgrade the inventory space, you'll need to find yourself a new Multi-tool. Alternatively, certain Vy'keens will offer you an upgrade. It'll likely need repairing but it should be worth it.