How to Get Mothim in Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs

Mothim, in Pokémon GO, can be tricky for players to get, especially if they are unaware with the gimmicks of Burmy's evolution methods.

Among all of the Pokémon featured in the newest event for Pokémon, the annual Festival of Colors event, is Burmy, which may be in reference to the fact it will come in three differing colors dependent on which environment it is caught in, either the Grassy, Sandy or Trash cloak.

Burmy, a Bug-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, not only has several different forms that appear upon catching it in differing locations, but it also capable of evolving into two different Pokémon depending on its gender.

How to Get Mothim in Pokémon GO

Mothim can be attained for players searching for one by catching a Burmy of any form and feeding it 50 candies. The only fine print that players must be aware of is that this Burmy must be male, as feeding a female Burmy 50 candies will turn it into a Wormadam.

This method falls directly in line with the method it takes to evolve it in-game for the mainseries Pokémon games. At level 20, upon being female, the Burmy will evolve into a corresponding form of Wormadam that matches the form caught as a Burmy.

Conversely, at level 20, upon being male, the Burmy will evolve into a Mothim, who unfortunately does not change form depending on what form of Burmy was caught, it will look the same no matter which Burmy form it evolved from.

The Festival of Colors event in Pokémon Go began Mar. 8, and will continue until Mar. 14 at 8 p.m..