How to Get Musharna in Pokémon GO

Munna and Musharna
Munna and Musharna / Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs

Musharna, the Drowsing Pokémon, is a mysterious and rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Trainers who wish to capture this dream-eating creature will first need to evolve it from its first evolution, Munna.

Munna and Musharna were first added to Pokémon GO in February 2021, and Munna has been a relatively rare spawn in the game ever since. Now, as part of the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Space event, Munna is spawning more frequently in the wild. This is a great opportunity for trainers to add both Munna and Musharna to their collection.

How to Get Musharna in Pokémon GO

The best way to get Musharna is to evolve it from Munna using 50 Candy and a Unova Stone. You'll encounter lots of Munna in the wild during this event, and once you have 50 Munna Candy, you can obtain a Unova Stone through a weekly Field Research Breakthrough.

Keep in mind you can also get a Munna as a reward for completing the task "Catch 10 Pokémon" during Step 1 of the event-exclusive Timed Research.

Musharna's Pokédex number is 518. As the Drowsing Pokémon, it spends most of its time dreaming. It’s best to leave it be if it’s just woken up, as it’s a terrible grump when freshly roused from sleep. If you see dark mist emanating from its body, keep away or your nightmares will become reality.

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