How to Get NBA 2K23 Bingo Shirt

2K, DeviousIso

Over Thanksgiving weekend, NBA 2K23 had a limited-time Blackout Bingo event that required some to unlock a Blackout Bingo Tee in order to complete its objectives.

For those wondering what the importance of the item was, here's a breakdown of how to get the Bingo shirt in NBA 2K23 MyCareer on current and next gen.

How to Get NBA 2K23 Bingo Shirt

As mentioned earlier, the Blackout Bingo event took place over the weekend and invited players to complete 24 objectives to ultimately earn a player banner, two arm sleeves, 25,000 VC and the Bingo shirt.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be a lot of randomness and confusion during the event as one of the challenges seemed to require certain players to complete five games with a Bingo shirt on. Since you couldn't buy the shirt, many were stuck wondering how to get it and finish the event in time.

There wasn't a complete consensus on how to obtain the shirt. Some said that you had to complete the vertical N column, others said that you had to complete a diagonal line with the Free space, and many simply said that they got it randomly after completing multiple lines.

Ultimately, it is unfortunate that the shirt did seem to be glitched for many, and it remains to be seen whether or not the Blackout Bingo event will be returning in NBA 2K23 MyCareer.

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