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How to Get Nessie Plushie From Apex Legends

Nessie Plushie from Apex Legends
Nessie Plushie from Apex Legends | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Entertainment Earth

How to get a Nessie plushie from Apex Legends is on the forefront minds of devoted fans of the series. Following a post from the Apex Legend's Twitter account, a plush toy of the battle royale's Nessie easter egg is available for pre-order.

How to Get Nessie Plushie From Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Nessie plush toy is available for pre-order in both a 12-inch and 6-inch version, allowing players to build their own little family of the stuffed creature inspired by Scottish folklore. Nessie can be found around various parts of the maps, including the firing range, and has become a staple of the Apex Legends fandom.

Nessie's 12-inch version was available for $30 USD, while the 6-inch version can be ordered for $10 USD. The two versions of the plushie are available through Entertainment Earth, and unfortunately, the 12-inch version is sold out at this time.

While the 6-inch version is still available, it's best to set yourself up to receive alerts for when the 12-inch is back in stock. Seems that Nessie is just as popular in real life as she is the video game!

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