Call of Duty

How to Get New Streaks in Warzone

How to get the new streaks, including Foresight and Bombardment, explained.
How to get the new streaks, including Foresight and Bombardment, explained. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Knowing how to get the new streaks in Warzone can give you a significant advantage in any game, making life easier for yourself and potentially harder for your enemies. Here's how to unlock each of the new streaks in Call of Duty: Warzone: Advanced UAV, RC-XD, Foresight and Bombardment.

How to Get New Streaks in Warzone

The easiest way to get the new Warzone streaks is to head to any of the Containment Monitor Stations on Verdansk, where they can be purchased for in-game cash. These Containment Monitor Stations can be found inside the missile silos on the map.

The Advanced UAV shows the user the location of all other players on the map. The RC-XD lets the user pilot a remote-controlled car that can be detonated to release a toxic gas. Foresight reveals the circle locations for the rest of the game. All three can be purchased at Containment Monitor Stations for the following prices:

  • Advanced UAV: $12,000
  • RC-XD: $3,000
  • Foresight: $20,000

The RC-XD is the only one of the three that can also be purchased at typical Buy Stations.

Bombardment is the most aggressive of the new kill streaks, allowing the user to call in a huge missile barrage to carpet areas filled with zombies with explosions. The streak is cash-free, but requires some work to get a hold of:

  • Head to the current zombie outbreak and complete the objective
  • Get the yellow keycard dropped by the last zombie
  • Find and open the corresponding yellow crate near the outbreak
  • Take the Protocol key found inside and go to an open missile silo
  • Open the Containment Monitor Station inside and select the Bombardment option