How to Get Nuts and Bolts in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Get Nuts and Bolts
Fortnite: How to Get Nuts and Bolts / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite's Nuts and Bolts are crafting materials available in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. From attacking mechanical objects to exchanging resources, here's how to get all the Nuts and Bolts in the game.

Nuts and Bolts are resources that can be discovered after smashing mechanical objects in the wild. Alternatively, players can also interact with certain NPCs such as Rick Sanchez and Marigold, as they offer Nuts and Bolts in exchange for gold.

How to Get Nuts and Bolts in Fortnite

Sanchez can be found on the top level of the IO Base, which is located toward the eastern side of Weeping Woods. Marigold can be discovered on the eastern vicinity of Lazy Lake.

It is recommended to approach Marigold as other players might attack you while you're talking to Sanchez.

When talking with Marigold, players can purchase Nuts and Bolts for 25 gold pieces. If you don't have enough gold, you can attack some enemies, which will typically leave eight gold pieces. Another method includes smashing objects and furniture in buildings.

After obtaining Nuts and Bolts, Fortnite users can then select a weapon, and craft it for an upgraded version. Players should continue this process three times in order to utilize a certain amount of Nuts and Bolts.

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