League of Legends

How to Get Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Ocean Song is the newest skin line to be introduced to League of Legends. Featuring Yone, Nidalee, Seraphine, Zeri, and Ash, these skins are a bright, beautiful way to celebrate the coming of summer. And with how musical these skins are, it only makes sense that Seraphine will be receiving a Prestige edition as well. So, how can players get Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine?

How to Get Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition

Ocean Song Seraphine, or her Prestige edition, are not officially released yet, so players cannot add her to their inventory quite yet. However, we c an assume that players will be able to unlock Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine by collecting event tokens during the event that will focus on the Ocean Song skins. Players can gain tokens by purchasing them, or earning them through challenges. Prestige skins typically cost 2000 tokens on release.

The exact release date of the Ocean Song skins is unknown. However, they will be coming to the Patch 12.11 PBE, so hopefully, they will be released in time for the warm weather.