How to Get One Punch Man Skins in Overwatch 2

Doomfist as One Punch Man protagonist Saitama
Doomfist as One Punch Man protagonist Saitama / Blizzard

Overwatch 2's first-ever anime crossover event is in full swing, giving players a limited-time opportunity to acquire cosmetics, including skins, from the mega-popular anime and manga series One Punch Man. Here's how to acquire the new skins and add them to your Overwatch 2 collection.

The Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man Event started on March 7 on brought with it several legendary skins for players to unlock, including Saitama Doomfist and Terrible Tornado Kiriko. Additionally, the event brought an assortment of other related cosmetic items to unlock, including weapon charms, emotes and voice lines.

How to Get One Punch Man Skins in Overwatch 2

Players can get one of the four legendary collab skins for free, but the others are only available to be acquired from bundles in the in-game shop. Playing 24 games of Unranked, Competitive or Arcade will net you the Mumen Rider Soldier: 76 legendary skin. The event also has a number of featured bundles with the rest of the skins in them:

Saitama Doomfist Bundle, Cost: 2,500 Coins
Includes Saitama Doomfist Skin, an emote, voice line, name card and highlight intro

Genos Genji Bundle, Cost: 1,900 Coins
Includes Genos Genji Skin and name card

Terrible Tornado Kiriko Bundle, Cost: 2,100 Coins
Includes Terrible Tornado Kiriko skin, name card and victory pose

One Punch Man Mega Bundle, Cost: 4,400 Coins
- Includes all cosmetics from other One Punch Man Bundles

For the economically minded, purchasing the One Punch Man Mega Bundle saves 2,100 Overwatch Coins compared to buying the other bundles individually.