How to Get Overwatch League Tokens in 2023


Overwatch 2 cosmetics are all about expressing yourself. From skins to weapon charms to voice lines and highlight intros, Overwatch 2 has a wealth of ways to customize the player experience.
One way to do so is by supporting Overwatch League teams through their special hero skins. Here's how to get Overwatch League tokens, the way to buy them, in 2023.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 is underway, bringing with it a new map, new modes and even some unexpected crossover events. Also available is a new Battle Pass. There's a ton of new content available in Overwatch 2 once again making it very easy to express yourself through customization and cosmetic selection.

How to Get Overwatch League Tokens in 2023

Getting Overwatch League Tokens is a pretty simple process. To earn them, you just have to watch Overwatch League games on Youtube. To do so, you have to link your Youtube and accounts. After that is done, every live hour of gameplay you watch earns you five tokens.

Overwatch Leage skins cost 100 League Tokens normally, though extra Tokens can be purchased in the game's store. Only live and "encore" games count, not on-demand streams of old matches.