How to Get Padded Armor in Valheim

A glimpse at the completed set of padded armor in Valheim
A glimpse at the completed set of padded armor in Valheim / Photo Courtesy of Kage848 on Youtube/Iron Gate

Padded armor is one of the stronger sets of armor available to a player in Valheim. When put together completely, this set is ranked in the seventh tier of armor obtainable in the game, and when upgraded it can give you a lot of armor points to defend yourself against the strongest of monsters.

Here is how to get padded armor in Valheim.

How to Get Padded Armor in Valheim

The process of gathering enough resources to craft padded armor is tedious, but the end result is certainly worth it. To craft a full set of padded armor, including the cape, you will need a grand total of 30 iron, 75 linen thread, and one silver. Iron can be mined in the swamp biome, and linen thread can be crafted from Flax plants at a spinning wheel. Silver is obtainable in mountain regions.

Once all of these materials are gathered, you can finally craft the padded greaves, cuirass, and helmet as well as the linen cape at a forge.

At its first level of armor, it provides 79 armor points in total, but when upgraded, the padded armor set has the potential to increase up to 100 armor points with over 2000 durability. The one downgrade of wearing this set of armor is its weight: the wearer will move 10% slower. It is your choice if you are willing to sacrifice moving a bit slower for a high-quality set of armor.