How to Get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour

How to get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour is a common question for players that recently purchased the game. For those who can't wait to get a chance to play as their favorite mayor of New Donk City, here is how to get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Get Pauline in Mario Kart Tour

Pauline is available exclusively as a part of Mario Kart Tour's first city-based event that focuses on New York City. Items and characters can be unlocked by using Pipes, gacha-style mechanic many mobile-gamers may already be familiar with. In order to use a pipe, players are required to use up Rubies, which can be acquired by finishing races and opening Tour Gifts, or via micro-transactions. Using a Pipe grants players different characters, gliders, or karts, each of which have different chances of appearing.

Nintendo has disclosed the appearance rates for all characters and items in the game. Being in the High-End Spotlight rarity tier along with the Yellow Taxi kart and Fare Flier glider, Pauline has around a 1% appearance rate when you use a pipe. As one of the rarest character in the game so far with just a 1% chance to appearing, and only being accessible for a limited time, players must get extremely lucky or grind out Rubies to get a chance to play as her.

Players lucky enough to get Pauline will gain access to her use of the Lucky 7 item. When used, the Lucky 7 item surrounds her kart with various items from the Mario Kart series that protects her from harm or lets her disrupt other racers.

Photo Courtesy of Nintendo