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How to Get Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors

Image courtesy of Poncle.

Wondering how you can get Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors? We've got you covered.

Phiera Der Tuphello is a great weapon to use in Vampire Survivors. In fact, it's one of the starting weapons of Pugnala Provola. This means that once you get Provola, you can acquire the weapon after completing a task.

Here's how you can unlock the Phiera Der Tuphello weapon in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Phiera Der Tuphello in Vampire Survivors

Getting Phiera Der Tuphello is fairly easy: Find Pugnala Provola and survive a full 10 minutes with her in Vampire Survivors. Pugnala Provola is an unlockable character and she's easy to locate, as her coffin can be unlocked on the first map.

Once you have found her coffin, defeat the enemies that are near it. This will unlock Pugnala Provola, who is required to get the Phiera Der Tuphello.

The Phiera Der Tuphello itself is strong, as it shoots a circular red energy bullet that is fired into the four corners of your screen. It has 8 levels and at max level, it has +10 Base Damage, +50% Projectile Speed, +2 Amount, and +6 Pierce.

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