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How to Get Prestige High Noon Talon in League of Legends

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

It’s high noon for Talon fans. 

High Noon Talon has arrived in League of Legends, alongside the other High Noon skins that have been announced. But luckily for Talon fans, he's also receiving a Prestige version of the skin as well. This is the first Prestige skin he has ever received.

How to Get Prestige High Noon Talon in League of Legends

Players can obtain Prestige High Noon Talon by collecting MSI event tokens. Talon is currently priced at 2,000 MSI High Noon tokens, and purchasing him will also grant you an icon and a border. Players earn MSI points by purchasing MSI High Noon event content, or by completing event missions. You can only earn tokens until June 13, and they expire from your inventory completely on June 20.

The base High Noon Talon skin is currently available in the shop, costing 1,350 RP. Katarina, Mordekaiser, Varus, and Leona have also received High Noon skins that are also priced at 1,350 RP. High Noon skins for Sion, Tahm Kench, Samira, Twitch, and Viktor have also been announced, although their release date has not yet been confirmed.