How to Get Prestige Star Guardian Syndra in League of Legends

Courtesy of Riot Games

The Star Guardian Syndra Prestige Edition was announced on July 12 as a skin that would be coming to League of Legends. The prestige skin features Syndra with new dark purple and blue ice with her orbs hovering around her.

The Syndra Prestige skin was released during the League of Legends 12.14 patch alongside Star Guardian Quinn, Rell, Akali, and Star Nemesis Morgana.

How to Get Prestige Star Guardian Syndra in League of Legends

Once the skin is live, players can get Star Guardian Syndra by heading to the Loot tab and redeeming the special in-game Star Guardian Tokens. Players must redeem 2,000 tokens to claim the new Syndra skin.

Prestige Edition skins, after the event, will not be made available in the store for RP. The skin will eventually return in the Mythic Shop and is expected to cost 125 ME.

Champions such as Akali, Morgana, Quinn, Rell, and Taliyah will all take part in the fan-favorite skin line. Additionally, it'll also give Syndra, who already has her own Star Guardian skin, a Prestige Edition. Jinx's Mythic Star Guardian skin will also be receiving a Chroma.

It is expected for most of these skins to have a 1,350 RP price tag, with Akali's skin being priced at 1,820 RP, and Jinx's Chroma being priced at 40 ME.

What is ME Currency in League of Legends?

Mythic Essence also known as ME is a currency used to unlock Mythic tier content in League of Legends. Players receive 10 ME every 50 levels starting at level 150. Players can also collect ME through Hextech Chests and Masterwork Chests.