How to Get Raijin and Fujin Ashe in Overwatch 2


Blizzard has announced new Legendary Skins are coming to Overwatch 2. Along with all the other events arriving with Season 3 of the game, Blizzard has still made time to create and release new cosmetics for players' favorite heroes. Here's how you can get your hands on a brand new skin for Ashe and Bob: Raijin and Fujin.

For those wondering what the inspiration for this skin comes from, Raijin is the Japanese thunder god and Fujin is the god of wind. The two are frequently paired together as the masters of the elements in Japanese mythology. It's said that the two gods live in the Kaminarimon Gate, located in the Sanjusangendo temple complex in Tokyo, Japan.

How to Get Raijin and Fujin Ashe in Overwatch 2

To acquire this Japanese mythology-inspired skin in Overwatch 2, you just need to head over to the game's in-game shop and purchase the new Legendary Bundle that contains the Raijin and Fujin Ashe skin.

In addition to the skin, the bundle also contains a new spray and voice line. The bundle costs 1,900 Overwatch Coins. Some players have taken to complaining on Twitter about problems with the new skin, as the sights of Ashe's Viper lever action rifle are too obstructive, hindering shooting performance.