How to Get Rainbow Thor in Fortnite

How to get Rainbow Thor in Fortnite through the Battle Pass
How to get Rainbow Thor in Fortnite through the Battle Pass / Twitter: @iFireMonkey

Rainbow Thor in Fortnite is just the latest in a series of Marvel hero-inspired cosmetics players can unlock during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.

Epic Games' collaboration with Marvel is far from over as players are discovering a new holographic skin for their favorite god of thunder, Thor. The hero, himself, is crucial to this season's storyline as it focuses primarily on his guardianship and heralding of Galactus. It's Thor's duty to safeguard planets from otherwise being consumed.

Here's how to unlock the rainbow Thor skin.

How to Get Rainbow Thor in Fortnite

Fortunately, this is a rather simple process. It's only a bit tedious—unfortunate but necessary.

The first step is to own this season's Marvel Battle Pass. Without the pass, these cosmetics, quests, and challenges won't be prompted. This is pretty much the crux of the entire process.

The next and mostly final step is to level up your pass as much and as quickly as possible. Thor, being the mainstream character this season, means he has several variant cosmetics that players can dress him in. Specifically, he has three: silver, gold, and holographic or "rainbow."

Thor's silver variant unlocks at level 105. His gold is unlocked at 145 and his holographic variant unlocks at 185.

Therefore, to get "rainbow" Thor, players need to level up their Season 4 Battle Pass to level 185. After this, they can equip the holographic variant for Thor and truly wield the power of the Bifrost Bridge.