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How to Get Requiem of Twilight Lost Ark

Courtesy of Amazon Game Studio

Wanting to obtain the Requiem of Twilight in Lost Ark? Here's everything you need to know.

Throughout Lost Ark, there are many Songs that do various things for your character when obtained. Song farming can be a great way to gain the ability to teleport across the map and build rapport with characters. The Requiem of Twilight is a Song in Lost Ark that can increase reputation with certain NPCs.

How to Get Requiem of Twilight Lost Ark

The Requiem of Twilight has a very straightforward method of acquisition. Take note: You must be at least level 50 to start the quest chain that awards the Requiem of Twilight.

To start, head over to the Island of Eternal Rest in the Tranquil Isle zone. When you arrive, talk to Derisa and she will start you on the quest "She Only Dreams of Peace."

The quest is rather easy to complete. To do so, players must pluck lilies from the ground and place them on graves around the island. After completion, return to Derisa and turn in the quest. She will reward the player with 10,000 Shillings and the Requiem of Twilight.

Happy Song hunting, players!