How to Get Revives in Pokemon GO

How to Get Revives In Pokemon GO
How to Get Revives In Pokemon GO / Photo by Niantic

How to get Revives in Pokemon GO is a pressing question right now given the newly introduced Mega Raid Battles. Since Mega Raid Pokemon have the potential to very quickly wipe a whole team it's understandable that players might want to stock up, especially if they plan on trying to collect enough energy to Mega Evolve their Pokemon.

How to Get Revives in Pokemon Go

Revives can be found a variety of ways in Pokemon GO, the first is randomly through Gyms and Pokestops. This method can be a bit tedious since it relies on the grace of RNG but it's certainly the easiest.

If you go around hitting up Pokestops and Gyms you're sure to find some eventually. The second method is to participate in raid battles. You can receive revives as a reward for participating. Depending on how the battle shakes out though, you might end up with a deficit.

You can also receive revives in gifts from friends, this also relies a bit on RNG, but players find that healing items show up more consistently in gifts than from Pokestops. Revives are also given as rewards for research tasks, for example the Mega Discovery Special Research being offered right now. The last way to get revives is to buy them in the in-game store. You can get six Max Revives for 180 coins.