How to Get Revives in Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs

For players who have Pokémon that have ran out of HP, they have the opportunity to use the "Revive" item as a method of restoring this Pokémon's health. Here's a guide on how to get these useful items in Pokémon GO.

In the main-series games, revives are items that can be purchased from Poké Marts after completing several gym challenges, but can also be found in the over-world earlier on as well to get players access to this very helpful tool before that point. These items have the chance to totally turn the tide of battles, bringing back very strong Pokémon that have fallen to opponents.

Here's a guide for varying different methods players can use to get these essential items.

How to Get Revives in Pokémon GO

Here are several different methods that players could use in order to get more revives:

  1. In the daily free box that all players get access to upon opening the app there may be some free revives in there to claim
  2. Purchasing some of the revives in the shop: 6 Max Revives are purchasable for 180 PokéCoins
  3. Spinning the disc at Poké Stops can yield revives
  4. Completing Field Research Tasks
  5. Participating in raids

To use a revive, you have to go to the Main Menu, then go to your items and finally select the revive and the Pokémon you would like to use it on in order to restore its health.

The Spring into Spring event in Pokémon GO begins April 4 and will end Apr. 10 at 8 p.m.