How to Get Revives on Pokémon GO

Getting revives in Pokémon GO is a crucial part of keeping yourself alive in the battle scene—while also caring for your battle-monsters. You can't join in raids or take down gyms without healthy Pokémon, right? Here's a few tips to keep your inventory full.

How to Get Revives on Pokémon GO

1. Level Up

Yes, I have a riolu as my buddy. Yes, she is named after my dog.
Yes, I have a riolu as my buddy. Yes, she is named after my dog. /

While this might be one of the less achievable on this list for longtime players, leveling-up remains one of the most consistent ways to get revives. Remember, higher levels mean more rewards! You'll be getting regular revives as a reward starting at level five, but once you hit level thirty it's all max revives from there.

2. Spin Everything

Yes, I am part of the best team, Team Valor.
Yes, I am part of the best team, Team Valor. /

Did you know you can spin Gyms the same way you spin PokéStops? Viewing the location of a gym that your team owns allows you to spin it and get items just like your average PokéStop does! Gyms even tend to drop potions and revives with more frequency so don't neglect them when you're out and about.

3. Do Your Research (Tasks)

Field and Special tasks will occasionally offer both regular and max revives as a reward or as part of the reward for completing them. This is part of the reason managing your tasks so important.

4. Beat Raid Bosses

Raid bosses will sometimes drop revives as a reward for beating them—even if you don't catch the Pokémon at the end. It's certainly a polite way to make amends after decimating half a team, Armored Mewtwo.

5. Get Gifted

Got friends? Ask them to send you gifts in-game! Gifts have a chance to drop revives and potions and provide a great way to bond with your buds. After all, how can you trust someone in a raid when they won't even gift you back?

6. Just Buy Them

As with most smartphone games, in-app purchases are always an option to get the items you need. Currently, in the in-game store, you can purchase six max revives for 180 PokéCoins—or a little under $2.

Remember to stay safe and healthy on your journey, trainers.

Photos courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer.