How to Get Rid of Cars in GTA 5 Online

How to get rid of cars in GTA 5 online is a helpful tip for those wanting to just ditch their jalopy for a super car.

Grand Theft Auto V Online rose back to popularity with role-playing becoming one of the most watched products on Twitch. GTA V has been out for nearly six years with fans clamoring for a new entry in the franchise. Regardless, the online feature still remains of the best open-world gaming features.

Getting special cars is one of the driving factors of the game mode. Here's everything you need to know about getting rid of cars in GTA 5 Online.

How to Get Rid of Cars in GTA 5 Online

There are a couple of ways to get rid of a car. The first, and probably the most fun and satisfying, is but simply blowing it up. It'll be gone for good. Just make sure the card isn't insured.

Another way is by selling it to Los Santos Customs. This only applies to cars that are insured. It has to be less than $50,000 in worth as well. Finally, you can get it rid of a car by just replacing a car in your garage with a different car.

GTA 5 Online is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Photo courtesy of Rockstar Games