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How to Get Shade Raid in Rocket League

Photo by Epic Games/Psyonix

Though a variety of new items are entering Rocket League as it heads into its eighth season on Sept. 7, items from past seasons such as the Shade Raid Goal Explosion remain popular and are vastly desired. Reminiscent of an old fashioned comic book, this collectible item temporarily removes the color of the area surrounding the goal for a bleak finish.

First brought into the game on March 10, the Shade Raid Goal Explosion is a purely cosmetic item and is primarily found in Season Six’s Fornax Series Blueprint.

Blueprints are obtainable in the game, by chance, after every match. If received, the Blueprint showcases an item that is added to a player’s inventory. The item is then redeemable through a build fee. Currently there are four droppable Blueprint series:

How to Get Shade Raid in Rocket League

  • The Auriga Series from Season Three 
  • The Dorado Series from Season Five
  • The Select Favorite 2 Series from Season Seven
  • The Fornax Series from Season Six

In terms of rarity, it is categorized as Black Market. Having a one percent drop chance, items of this class are considered the rarest and most valuable in the game. 

Players who have a lucky friend are also able to get the item through Rocket League’s online trading feature. Friends, on the same platform, are able to freely exchange items and credits with one another. Under a mutual agreement, players are able to trade anything from revealed blueprints to Rocket Pass Items. 

Players without patience or the luck of a friend, are able to earn the item by trading five Exotic Blueprints of the same series into the Item Shop. In the Fornax Series, there are two exotic items, so duplicates are needed in order to obtain the Shade Raid Explosion.