How to Get Shiny Jirachi in Pokemon GO

Niantic, Pokémon Company

A shiny Jirachi has become available for the Pokémon GO players willing to undertake the "Wish Granted Research Task" challenge.

Possibly as an additional celebration of the Hoenn region in a similar timeframe after the Pokémon GO Tour - Hoenn, Shiny Jirachi has become available to be encountered and captured by players who complete all six research steps.

Jirachi is a legendary Steel- and Psychic-type Pokémon that came out in the Generation III games, and has since been available in varying events in games after the original Hoenn games. It is called the "Wish Pokémon" due to its ability, typically depicted in the anime, to grant the wishes of others once it awakens from its slumber.

How to Get Shiny Jirachi in Pokemon GO

Shiny Jirachi can be caught in Pokémon GO upon buying the ticket for the Wish Granted Research Task, which costs $5, or the equivalent in local currency, and completing the task as instructed.

All Pokémon players who have bought the ticket to the special Research Task will be eligible for the encounter with Shiny Jirachi upon completing each of the task's six steps.

Completing the Wish Granted Research Task is not difficult, but it will definitely take up a lot of time to complete, with most steps appearing to take around two weeks or so to complete, which is consistent with how often each research step is being revealed and released onto the games.

The details of each step released, as of the publication of this article, can be found here.