How to Get Shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO

Shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO is the star of next month's upcoming October Community Day. This Pokemon, also known as the Ant Pit Pokemon, is a ground-type with incredible potential that you wouldn't know by just looking at it. Any Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald player will tell you that Trapinch is more than a worthy addition to your team. This sentiment doubles for its evolutions: Vibrava and the mighty Flygon. Its shiny version is the perfect accent to any League squad.

Here's all you need to know about getting a shiny Trapinch.

How to Get Shiny Trapinch in Pokemon GO

Trapinch will appear at a higher rate during event hours, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. wherever you are, on Oct. 12. Shiny Trapinch will also appear at a higher rate so it's likely you'll encounter more than one during the event. Players can expect three times the experience per capture and three-hour lures as per usual. Like most Pokemon featured on Pokemon Go's Community Day events, Trapinch's final evolution, Flygon, will be getting a guaranteed exclusive move. This move has not been released yet.

While a normal Trapinch appears as orange, Shiny Trapinch will be a turquoise with emerald green accents. This color palette invokes the dragon-like future that the unassuming ground-type will eventually take on. It appears that its palette has switched with its first evolution, Vibrava, who has green wings and eyes. Shiny Vibrava is more yellow with orange wings and eyes. Shiny Flygon replaces its red colors with yellow, and the darker greens with blue.

Image courtesy of Jack O'Dwyer