How to Get Sinnoh Stone Pokemon GO

How to get Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO can be a bit of a drag considering the number of evolutions that are dependent on the stone.

The Sinnoh Stone is the latest addition for evolving Pokemon.

How to Get Sinnoh Stone Pokemon GO

There are two known ways to grab Sinnoh Stones as they don't drop at PokeStops. First, you can earn one after grabbing seven Research Tasks stamps. Once you finish, you can earn a rare Pokemon and sometimes, a Sinnoh Stone, but it's not a guaranteed drop.

Secondly, you can earn one in PVP battles. You can battle an AI once a day with a chance at reward and battle three other players for a reward, so you have four chances a day through PVP to earn a Sinnoh Stone. Though, the drop rate is rather low, so be prepared to grind for quite a while.

Photo courtesy of Niantic Labs