How to Get Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin in Fortnite

Image provided by Epic Games.
Image provided by Epic Games.

It’s a spooky time in Fortnite right now, but fear not. A previous heroine has returned to combat the cubed menace in the most dire of times: Spacefarer Ariana Grande. Here’s how to get her new skin and bundle. 

Ariana Grande isn’t new to the Fortnite universe, appearing previously in a special concert event earlier in 2021. Like all previous stars who held in-game concerts, she was given a special skin alongside a plethora of other Grande-related items. This time around, she's back as Spacefarer Ariana Grande, making way for a whole other set of Grande-related items and a new skin, themed around outer space.

How to Get Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin in Fortnite

To get the new Ariana Grande skin, players will need to purchase her from the Item Shop when she releases. The skin will cost 1,500 V-Bucks, and cannot be acquired from any other means. Contrary to initial speculation, she does not retroactively add new styles to the original Ariana Grande skin. 

The following is what is included her bundle, which should be over 2,000 V-Bucks:

  • Spacefarer Ariana Grande Skin (with Starfire style)
  • I.R.I.S Back Bling
  • Spooky Smallz Back Bling
  • I.R.I.S. Daydream Glider
  • Moonlit Lightscythe Pickaxe
  • Just Keep Breathin’ Emote

Players could purchase the $19.99 V-Buck bundle if they are lacking some credits, which grants the player 2,700 V-Bucks. That should be enough to purchase Spacefarer Grande’s bundle, with possibly a few hundred or so to spare.

Spacefarer Ariana will be available for purchase in the Item Shop soon.